Purple Marble

Jenny Chandler

Splashing stars of light across a midnight sky and casting ocean sprays on wild seas: Jenny Chandler's artistic voice is imbued with the most fundamental of nature's elements.  Steeped in the southern roots of an Alabama upbringing, she now joins a growing movement of modern female entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries of art's social impact and glass ceiling.  Her studio grows at Beverly Hill Art Studio in Southern California. 

You can find her art in:

Five 3 Art Gallery-Laguna, CA five3gallery.com

Laguna Art Gallery lagunaart.com

New York Art Gallery newyorkart.com

Hansford And Sons Gallery-London


Published in Vanity Fair, Vogue, Tatler, Home and Garden, World of Interiors, Traveller, House of Coco. Curatorial Vol. 3, and Adobe 2.